Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
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Let's decorate walls with vinyl!

Warning: wall stickers are addictive and can lead to new levels of creativity. DO NOT use if you are: spontaneous, creative, fun, unique and elegant, is trendy, avant garde, or just likes to decorate. :)

In today's world of decoration we can find different solutions for the beautify of our walls, among them are the vinyls adhesive system that has many benefits for those who wish to quickly change the appearance of a specific room quickly. It is already past the classic system of "painting the walls, " and is definitely the progress that has taken the concept of interior design is amazing, rooms painted in one color, we turn to the differentiation of colors , then painting two color combination (one per wall) and finally to the implementation of adhesive vinyls, which besides being able to be installed easily, but also can be modified, another attribute for the system becomes a desired trim interior. The world of decoration by adhesive vinyls is incredibly versatile, and is for this reason that we can implement not only a great vinyl to our walls, but also to our windows with small subjects that will make a difference so that in a few minutes our Shopping is a true work of art. For the nursery a great idea would be to implement a child theme involving colors and can be based in great details, such as on a white background we can use simple theme in the vinyl, but with bright colors that stand out in any way the delicacy and simplicity that a child has. Now, if what we have is a house with gorgeous interior, we can make a conceptual difference with dark colors on vinyl.


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As a recommendation, we added the comment on the rooms that have a larger space, as this is the perfect place for a vinyl with a particular theme, for example a city made ​​up of shades of red, as shown in images attached to this article, or you would be quite attractive to play the most important contrasts a black background on a white wall with a particular design on the inside with vivid color. In the end, there are many choices we have when working with adhesive vinyl, which is why creativity is really the last hurdle that must be overcome in each creation, since the material is always at the service of our hands and taste are capable of doing At Caribbean Sign Supply we have a wide variety of these vinyls also can make to your design as you want for walls and glass windows.